Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Well, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious from the title that this post will be spoiler heavy, so consider yourself warned. Anyways, as the title indicates, I went to see the movie today, on it’s European premiere date. We were pretty late getting tickets, so we ended up getting them at a late hour, in a small cinema (Maxim), but that wasn’t really an issue. I went to the movie with rather low expectations (with all the crappy sequels and reboots that have been released lately *cough* “Fantastic” Four *cough* Terminator Genisys *cough*, what else could expectations be?).

Anyways, let’s do a broad analysis first, then jump into minor details. The movie starts off with a rebel pilot loading a data file into a droid, which then gets stranded on a desert planet. Once there the droid gets saved and “adopted” by a native, who ends up fleeing the planet in the Millennium Falcon when Storm Troopers arrive. The dessert dweller finds a father character while on the Millennium Falcon and with him takes the data to the rebels. The “Empire” uses it’s new super weapon to destroy the core world(s) of the republic and the rebels have to do a daring strike against a weakness in the super weapon with a couple of x-wing squadrons. While fighting the big bad the mentor figure dies, but the heroes manage to destroy the super weapon and return to the rebels, where they are celebrated. Oh… and let’s not forget the old Jedi Master who was betrayed by his apprentice and now lives the life of a hermit.

Now, in the role of Luke we have Rey, in the role of grizzled old mentor/fahter figure we have Han Solo and in the role of the big bad we have Kylo Ren, who’s more like a teenager going through puberty than a dark lord. Oh… and Finn, who while not irrelevant to the plot really doesn’t add much value to it either. The story is a bit out of order and  I’ve taken a bit of an artistic license in how I  choose to describe events, but overall A LOT of the story is very similar to that of A New Hope. Haven’t yet decided if that’s a good or a bad thing, I’ll get back to you when I have ;).

So, let’s get nitpicky. Let’s start with the big names; Leia had a rather minor role but had a good performance, Luke an even smaller one, only appeari
ng at the end. Solo had a rather major role, but died at the end at the hands of his son (I wonder if Ford only wanted to be part of one movie to cash in; at least back in the days of Empire Strikes Back he wasn’t too fond of the series and wasn’t even sure if he’d return for Return of the Jedi, so I’m a bit surprised he agreed to sign on again).

As for the other characters… well, Finn was a bit boring, but Rey was really cool. Kylo Ren… felt like a boy going through puberty, not really a big, scary evil, and his master was named Snoke… need I say more? FFS, SNOKE?!? What were they thinking…

Anyways, was quite an enjoyable movie, lots of sentimental stuff and I’d say Solo and Rey really were the characters that sold the story. Will be curious to see if Luke manages to pick up the reins as mentor in the next movie, he’s got some big shoes to fill.

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  1. Also saw it yesterday, and I agree for the most part. Too familiar to A New Hope and too much J.J. nostalgia for my taste. It’s like they took the building blocks that made A New Hope, shuffled them around and turned some on their side, then assembled them all into a similar stick again.

    I also wrote the following in a movie forum:

    One thing that really didn’t make much sense to me was how Finn and Rey, and later Finn and Poe, hugged each other again after having been separated like they had been friends for decades. Especially Finn and Poe doing that was really silly. They had barely escaped together in an enemy spaceship for a few minutes, that’s all. That kind of hugging should come after a movie or two, not after having fled a few explosions.

    But maybe that’s all it takes to become really good friends in Star Wars.

    • Aunion

      Actually now that you mention it I also found the whole “slow motion running to hug” thing with Poe really odd, didn’t think as much about the one with Rey, but yeah, that one would’ve been a bit odd as well. On the other hand Finn kept trying to hold her hand all the time, much to her annoyance, so no wonder he suddenly tries to hug her :p

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