The Force Awakens 2.0

Yesterday I saw the Force Awakens. It was good, but… well… the one thing that I’ve been thinking about all day is how unnecessary Finn was for the whole plot of the movie. So, now I’ll present you with my rewrite of the movie without Finn.

So, let’s start at the beginning; Poe gets the data, stoves it into BB-8 and gets captured. Now here’s the only part where having Finn actually helps the plot, helping Poe escape, but I figure a resourceful guy like Poe should manage that on his own, so we’ll go with that. BB-8 Stumbles into Rey, and Rey helps him much as in the movie and then rather than stumble into Finn in the town she stumbles into Poe. Stormtroopers arrive, they flee in the falcon, stumble into Han Solo, everything goes along the same lines.

From this point forward up until Rey is captured the movie can keep the storyline, but with Poe in Finn’s shoes (though not trying to flee to the rim of the galaxy). Once Rey is captured, Poe obviously can’t go after her since he has to lead the X-Wing attack. The info about the vulnerability in the Deathstar 2.0 can be gotten from some other source than Finn, same with the info about the entrance (though admittedly this is the second time Finn serves some sort of purpose, maybe they could have him as a background character, a former storm trooper who already joined the resistance?). Han Solo and Chewie go to rescue Rey and help blow up the Deathstar 2.0, Han gets killed, but not before getting the lightsaber to Rey and the movie can again progress as it did, but without the unnecessary Finn/Kylo Ren fight scene.

Big fight, planet blows up, Rey escapes with Chewie and returns to resistance, then heads off to find Luke. THE END.

As you can see, there are a few weak points here where Finn actually was useful, but all in all I think the story would’ve been better without him. Other points of the story that would be different would be having a less emo Kylo Ren (and don’t remove his helmet in this movie at least) and a Supreme Leader with a more intimidating name than “Snoke”.

So, feel free to comment with any feedback om this 2.0 version and your thoughts on the pros and cons of Finn.

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  1. Also thought Finn felt at bit superfluous, although I did like that he was once a Stormtrooper. We can only hope they have bigger plans for him in the next two films. Believe I read somewhere that they have planned out some story points for the entire trilogy already.

    J.J. Abrams is a skilled director and he’s done a lot of good stuff in this movie, but I’m never entirely comfortable with him at the wheel. I’m surprised he didn’t sneak in some really nasty shaky cam scenes in the movie (at least not that I noticed from the fourth row). He usually loves that shit and I personally can’t stand it.

    Have you seen the review by Chris Stuckmann? They say he’s a great reviewer to keep an eye on, but I thought he was way too positive about the movie. I want whatever he’s smoking makes him happy about it.

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