The Last Jedi (spoilers)

Yesterday I saw The Last Jedi, and since I started this blog with two posts about The Force Awakens (Star  Wars – The Force Awakens and The Force Awakens 2.0), it felt just right to return to it now to write about the followup. Anyways, this post will be one long spoiler, so… you have been warned.


One Response to “The Last Jedi (spoilers)”

  1. Oh right, that one with reaching out and the straw was really funny, shame I forgot about it in my blog post. Also good to see I wasn’t alone in hoping that Finn sacrified himself. It was a sitting closer to the edge of my seat moment, only to go booh at Rose. Regarding Snoke, I actually liked the crazy internet theory that he was actually Jar Jar Binks, but we all knew they didn’t have the guts to go down that route.

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